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Yes it's to you.

Dear Mr. Thierman,

Now, I had you for English in 10th grade and I bought you a Mr. T shirt with my own money. I bought it with my own $20 and said it was a gift from the class even though no one brought me money that they were supposed to to cover for it. And you promised that you would wear that shirt. Even after many reminders, you still refuse to wear that shirt. Thank a lot.

Now over the years, a number of things have been said in opposition to you by students who say that Ms. Hunter was better. And I defend you and your rule because you are a good man and are nice and all. However, I sometimes have to agree with them at times. You are not a bad Upper School Head, but you are unseemly strict sometimes. Whether it be cancelling Spring Fest cause it's not educational enough, taking out the vending machines, turning the break room into a "teacher's room," or even this deletion of Aaron's LJ, these decisions are in one word: absurd. I mean come on. How can you possibly do these things. Do you want to make Head-Royce suck, just like everyone says it does? Nooooo. So then dont make rash decisions and abuse your power by threatening students with expulsion for saying things which could be seen as "derogatory" to another student. First ammendment is freedom of speech my friend and even though that right of ours is oppressed everywhere else, how can you oppress it in this school which I like so much. This is ridiculous.

I'm just so upset with your latest decision that I can't think of what to say. Come on and be reasonable. Oh and since you are reading this anyways, maybe you can ask Dr. Enelow why he plays favorites and has this insane grudge against me. That'd be great, thanks.

You cannot control our lives outside of school. So don't even try. And if you are thinking of ways to threaten me, try cutting of my scholarship. That would be fair and reasonable wouldn't it? I end with a statement made by my friend Joe: "In closing, this is bullshit."

In disgust,
You know who.
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